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Thread: Reema Lagoo played dignified mom characters

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    Reema Lagoo played dignified mom characters

    We take a look at the movies where Reema Lagoo played dignified mom characters.

    Veteran Actress Reema Lagoo Passes Away at 59

    Reema Lagoo's sweet, serene, soft-spoken demeanour made her Bollywood's go-to artist for playing a friendly, fabulous Ma to Generation X.
    The good-natured mischief in her twinkling brown eyes and a smile that said 'I care' like few can, Lagoo marked a refreshing change from an overkill of melodramatic mommies -- the kind who could tease her offspring about the special someone in their lives, the kind who is respectful of her child's feelings, the kind no kid ever wants to let go.
    We remember the late actress in this warm, winsome avatar for big screen.
    Maine Pyaar Kiya

    IMAGE: Reema Lagoo played Salman Khan's friendly mum in Maine Pyaar Kiya.
    Reema Lagoo was barely in her 30s when she worked in Maine Pyaar Kiya. But the graciousness she exudes as Salman Khan's friendly Ma, happy to bestow her blessings on the girl he wants to marry, made her an instant hit.
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    Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

    IMAGE: Reema Lagoo played Madhuri Dixit's graceful mother in Hum Aapke Hain Koun...!
    A picture of desi grace and charm, Reema Lagoo beams and blushes in resplendent saris to play the devoted mum of two girls, hosting one wedding after another, in Sooraj R Barjatya's musical drama.

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