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Thread: Simply Taking A Walk Can Help Fight Stress And Depression

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    Simply Taking A Walk Can Help Fight Stress And Depression

    Walk Those Blues Away: Simply Taking A Walk Can Help Fight Stress And Depression

    Walking can be your natural medicine for happiness as it helps release happy hormone called endorphin.

    Walking not only helps you burn calories but is also considered the most effective anti-depressant. Almost 97 percent walkers revealed that it helped them improve their mental health and emotional well-being, according to Max Bupa Walk for Health Survey.

    The survey also revealed that walking helps control stress among people across age groups. While 42% of the elderly feel that walking helps beat stress, 50% of the millennials experience reduction of stress and hypertension, post walking, it added.

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    This is the highest for millennials in Bangalore at 68%, followed by Delhi (66%) Mumbai (53%) and Jaipur (48%). "Interestingly, over 40% of the respondents are motivated to walk because of interesting walking apps and gadgets that help them track their health," it said.

    Usage of gadgets is more prominent amongst millennials in Delhi (70%) and Mumbai (72%). The Survey further said "those who don't walk regularly are more prone to depression nearly 15% of non-walkers admitted to be suffering from depression and high stress levels".

    According to the survey, walking gives millennials time for self-introspection, while it gives 21% elderly the feeling of self-reliance.

    But there is a flip side as well "About 43% are unable to walk as long daily commute leaves them with no time for walking, 29% get bored while walking and believe that walking will not have a positive impact on their personality, 21% lack company to walk, and 21% are unaware of the benefits of walking on their mental health," the survey said.

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