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Thread: Seven Glaring Signs To Know If Someone Is Suicidal Or Not

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    Seven Glaring Signs To Know If Someone Is Suicidal Or Not

    Sometimes, we end up devaluing ourselves as human beings, along with devaluing almost everything and everyone else around us as well. It takes a lot for us to know the reason behind these moody outbursts and restlessness, but then again, we do not focus on what we are actually losing during this process our concentration, physical and mental health, mental stability and a lot of similar pillars in our lives.

    Perhaps the scariest part about this change, however, is just how easily undetectable it can be. It looks normal, because abnormality is not the term for this, and the changes in the patterns of everything we do/eat/feel settles in a vicious cycle, as if behaving and feeling like this is the new norm. Needless to say, if someone you love is feeling suicidal, its imperative for you to be able to detect that, and since its not going to be easy, these seven glaring signs will help you save someone from harming themselves.

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    1. A significant loss of Interest.

    Their interest in basic activities like eating, conversing/talking, stepping out of the house and interacting with loved ones drastically decreases, so much so that they just don’t seem to be themselves.

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