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Thread: Seven Glaring Signs To Know If Someone Is Suicidal Or Not

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    2. They tend to have emotional explosions.

    They tend to lose control over their emotional cycles at alarming rates. They’d suddenly throw a fit of rage, and after a while, would calm down and be completely normal. They get extremely emotional over even the tiniest of things and once asked about it, they’d be unable to explain the reasons behind their steamed-up-reactions.

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    3. Indulging in substance abuse.

    To get out of the turmoil of uncontrollable actions, they tend to loosen themselves up by indulging in substance abuse. This is because whenever they get under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they tend to feel ‘normal’, even if it’s for a short amount of time. It further leads to a loss of appetite and becomes another way for them to ease the pain of death.

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