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Thread: Yami Gautam: I am a self-made girl

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    Yami Gautam: I am a self-made girl

    Sarkar 3 is Yami Gautam's first movie with the screen legend.

    She also gets to shed her goody-goody image and play a woman with grey shades.

    You play such a character for the first time. Were you surprised when you were offered the role?

    I asked Ramu sir why he thought of me because nobody has ever offered me such a role.

    He told me I've been seen in a certain genre of films so this would have been unexpected from me.

    He said, 'Let's just bid goodbye to the fair and lovely thing that you have.'

    I really liked the idea.

    My role fits quite effortlessly in Sarkar.

    I took it as an opportunity to do something absolutely contrasting, especially after Kaabil.

    As an actor, I want to bring out my diversity as much as I can.

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    Were you intimidated by Amitabh Bachchan?

    When I met him for the first time, I was speechless.

    I had planned to talk to him about his films that I had watched and that I was his fan. But when I finally met him, I couldn't say anything! I was just smiling.

    Mr Bachchan has a magnificent aura. It has been 40 years, but he still has so much respect and passion for his craft.

    I watched the first instalment of the film (Sarkar) when I was in college.

    And working with Ram Gopal Varma?

    Ramu sir's approach is very different. He is clear about what he wants.

    When I asked him how I should prepare for my role, if I should do some reading or watch movies, he said just come the way you are, I will take care of the rest.

    I wanted to put in my best, but he asked me to be effortless.

    He didn't want me to think too much because my character is very mysterious.

    When I went to his office and was yet to sign the film, he said he wanted to take pictures of me.

    He said I would understand the role better by looking at the pictures. I loved the pictures and the character.

    I have never been shown so intense before.

    He is a man of few words. You have to understand and adapt to the way he works. His instructions are specific.

    When I saw some rushes and my first scene, I felt it wasn't me.

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