You only see me when I smile
Or laugh, it seems all that worthwhile
But have you tried to see inside
The girl Iíve tried so hard to hide?

No matter, for that is not for me
To grant you entry and truly see
What is inside that youíll not know
Iíll guard with life, and never show

For there is none whom I have met
To see whatís there Iíll never let
Inside of me where true I feel
For I will kill before you steal

My honor, my heart I value true
Not one Iíve known, not even you
Have gained my trust to take my heart
So now you know, donít even start

To touch within Iíve none to give
Iíve swore to hold so long I live
Iím finished now, Iíve given all
My heart is done, Iíve heard the call

No matter how you try for me
Just know , this life will never be
Iíve known thatís all Iíll ever know
With heart, tis true my only foe

Acceptance I have taken hold
That never shall I will behold
The greatest love to gain from thee
For me no more, so let it be