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Thread: The man who made Madhuri Dixit a star

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    I have produced four films for Madhuri.

    The first film was Saajan. I am not credited for it, but my wife Reema wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues.

    With the income from Saajan, I made this office (Rikku points out to the office where we are sitting).

    Then, I produced Dil Tera Aashiq with Salman Khan, Yaarana with Rishi Kapoor and Mohabbat with Akshaye Khanna. Mohabbat was directed by my wife Reema.

    Madhuri is usually very quiet on the sets. She does her job and then sits inside. She doesn't mix with anyone.

    She has been aloof from the beginning. Only her work matters to her.

    She eats in her room and goes out only when the director calls her.

    Her lunch always comes from home. But let me tell you, she used to eat junk food too.

    Every morning, she would dance. That would be her exercise.

    Sometimes she would do yoga. Later, she joined the gym.

    All her scandals have been created by producers.

    If she was doing four films with Anil, till the time their romance story didn't come out, the film would not be hot and saleable.

    Some scandals were created with Mithun and Jackie (Shroff) and even with Sanjay Dutt. All this was business strategy.

    Her name has been linked with Sanjay Dutt a lot because in those days she was doing 5, 6 films with him. Most of them became hits.

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    When Madhuri decided to marry, she had actually gone to the US to visit her sisters.

    When she came back, she called me and said she had good news for me.

    "I saw a boy," she said and showed me Sriram Nene's picture.

    I told her it was a good proposal.

    I was right. He is really good for her.

    I was the only one from India to attend her wedding in the US.

    That was the first time I saw a Maharashtrian wedding. I stayed there for two days.

    My daughter Shaina and I arranged her wedding reception in Mumbai.

    After her marriage, she was not keen on working.

    Later, she had two sons, so she was very busy.

    She was there for 10 years, but I was constantly in touch with her.

    She said yes to Aaja Nachle because Aditya Chopra especially went to meet her in Denver. I had set up the meeting.

    I did not like the story, but she did and signed on.

    That film did not work.

    Then, she went back again.

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