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Thread: 7 Amazing Hacks That Can Make Your Daily Life Effortless

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    3. When there’s no time to iron your clothes in the morning.

    If you hate ironing and end up taking a lot of time to finish this chore, you can try multi-tasking. Just wear your shirt while it is still wrinkled, and while you’re wearing it, pull the front of your shirt out and blow dry it for a few seconds. Of course, simultaneously you can blow dry your hair too.

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    4. When your inbox is getting clogged, making it impossible to find your important emails.

    One of the major evils in personal mail accounts are those marketing e-mails which flood the inbox. Just filter them by using the word “unsubscribe”. Since you receive most of these emails based on subscription, they will definitely have an “unsubscribe” option mentioned too. This becomes an easy keyword to screen them out.

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