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Thread: 5 Values That Every Son Needs To Learn From His Mother

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    5 Values That Every Son Needs To Learn From His Mother

    So guys, it’s that time of the year again when the entire millennial generation is going to change their solo profile pictures to pictures of their mothers. From status updates to tear-jerking posts, our social feed is going to be full of virtual love for our mothers. Amidst the brouhaha about the celebration, let's sit back and recall the most important thing that this day stands for – our mothers and the core values that we have learned from them.

    A mother plays a very important role in her son’s life. Mothers have always been the sole go-to person for boys when it comes to sharing secrets or discussing worldly problems. The ideals and values that she imparts into them in the formative years is what shapes up the men that they go on to become. If boys pay close attention to what their mothers so innocently tries to teach them, the society today can be a better place. For every guy reading this, here are 5 important lessons that you need to learn from your mother.

    1. Respect Women

    The staggering number of crimes against women in our society has made it very important for boys to be taught the importance of respect. Men need to remember that their mother too is a woman. The most important lesson: never misbehave/abuse/disrespect a woman.

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    2. Be a sensitive and caring partner

    Your partner needs all your love and affection. Be supportive, be caring and never put yourself ahead of her needs. Being in a relationship is a partnership of equals, one isn’t more important than the other.

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