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Thread: These Tips Will Help You Navigate Through Your Relationship In Difficult Times

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    These Tips Will Help You Navigate Through Your Relationship In Difficult Times

    Iím aware that all of us wish for our relationships to be no less than a fairytale. The one where we meet our prince charming and live out our happily-ever-after.

    The reality, however, is far from that. In fact, even the strongest of relationships go through their lows. In the beginning, all relationships seem magical - the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and those butterflies in your stomach never seem to stop flying, but AFTER this bliss fades, thatís when the reality sets in.

    As such, itís crucial to know how to survive the storms together and trust me, once you start doing that, the brighter days will eventually follow.

    Making it through those tough times and coming out stronger than ever is what the best relationships are made of Ė how else would you explain Jay Z and Beyoncťís working their differences out?

    So following these tips into practice will greatly appease any hardships ahead of you and besides, isnít a healthy relationship the most important component for living a great life together?

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    1. Practice effective communication.

    I personally believe that effective communication is the solution to every problem. So let go of your ego and talk to your partner about what hurt you, what’s upsetting you, or what you or they might have misunderstood.

    Talking things through is going to unlock that rough patch and help both of you fix that problem.

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