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Thread: 8 Things You Should Never Say To A Fierce And Independent Woman

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    8 Things You Should Never Say To A Fierce And Independent Woman

    Not every woman is a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, some of us are actually fiercely independent. For me, being a confident woman, one that doesnít take anyoneís BS lying down, is a pretty awesome feeling. Though reaching that stage in life does take some time, once you get there, itís liberating AF.

    With happiness comes confidence Ė or maybe itís the other way round? Either way, being sure of yourself and content with who you are wonít go down well with some people around you, those who just arenít used to seeing and dealing with independent and self-assured women.

    Now if YOU happen to be someone who is surrounded by independent women, there are a few things you should NEVER say to them, if you donít want to infuriate them any further that is:

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    1. “It’s great how you don’t need a man in your life.”

    Since when did being strong, fierce and independent mean NOT wanting to fall in love? This bizarre misconception that people harbor gets on our nerves all the time. If some women are capable enough of doing everything by themselves, it DOES not mean that they don’t need someone special, they too can seek love and that does NOT make them weak.

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