Hi ex-lover,

Hope youíre doing great. No, seriously. I mean that.

You must be wondering why Iím writing this letter to you, especially after everything thatís transpired between us. But I just wanted to take out some time and thank you. Yes, thank you because the pain that you have caused me has turned out to be the best gift IíVE EVER received from you.

I know that now, and Iíll take this opportunity and quote Adele, ďsometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts insteadĒ although all I got from this relationship was hurt and nothing else.

I was always an option where as you had always been my choice. With each unfulfilled promise or request, I died a little inside. You always made me question my worth and I think, somewhere, I was responsible for allowing that.

I sacrificed all of my wants and needs; my life came to a standstill, while yours just went on.

And just when I thought you possibly couldnít do anything more to rip me apart, you outdid yourself.

I still remember that day when you told me that you loved her, I remember how my world turned upside down within a fraction of a second, how I felt as if my soul had been ripped from my body.

I somehow picked myself up and walked away, without even uttering a word to you.

But do you know what still hurts me the most? The fact that not once did you try to stop me.

The difference between you and I was that my love for you was unwavering, unlike yours.

I loved you even through all of the changing circumstances, loved you even when you decided to choose her over me.

I was a fool but I was never disillusioned and despite of everything you put me through, what I want you to know that I STILL love myself and I STILL know what true love is.

Nevertheless, I wish the best for you.

Despite everything that you did to me, not once did I turn cynical.

You may have gotten the girl, but I won myself back and for that, I canít thank you enough. I wonít ever regret what we had or didnít have.

You shattered my heart but you failed to shatter my ability to love because love is not something that is cast aside and broken. It is a tool of forgiveness, and yes, the day I forgave you, I found everything I was looking for.

With love,

The girl you didnít deserve.