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Thread: 7 Ideas To Surprise Your Mom On Motherís Day & Make Her Feel Special

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    7 Ideas To Surprise Your Mom On Motherís Day & Make Her Feel Special

    If thereís one person on earth who we owe our very existence to, it is our mom. Mothers are truly special beings who carried us safely for 9 months in their womb and then paved the way for our existence in the world. A day dedicated to her is totally worth it because this 'superwoman' of ours surely deserves it. So, as you start planning on how to make her feel special on Motherís Day, we thought of coming up with a small list to help you out.

    1. Prepare a buffet of her favourite meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Throughout the year, your mom spends her time at home planning your menu every day, which you enjoy hogging and posting on social media all the time. So, itís time to reverse the role for a day to make your mother feel special. Plan a menu with her favourite dishes and create a full-course meal for her to devour. We bet you have her genes, so donít worry about the cooking part.

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    2. Create a story-telling photo album with all the pictures from her childhood till now.

    Get in touch with all your aunts, uncles and grandparents, and collect pictures of her childhood and college days, and get the remaining pictures of her post-marriage life from the albums at home. Write down the stories related to each of the pictures, and create a photo album. Reminiscing all those good old memories in the treasure album will definitely bring a smile on her face.

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