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Thread: 7 Ideas To Surprise Your Mom On Motherís Day & Make Her Feel Special

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    5. Scoot her away on a weekend trip to a beautiful, relaxing location away from the city.

    Pack her bags and pick her up from her workplace, and scoot her away to a relaxing destination which she will love. You can do this like a family trip, only mom-dad trip or even a solo trip (if mom agrees to that). Since her usual weekends are always packed with stuff at home, this will be a great time to unwind.

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    6. Team up with your dad and siblings to clean up the house and finish her to-do list for the day.

    This is pretty do-able, especially if you forget to plan something special for your mom on Mother’s Day. Pick up the broom early in the morning and sweep the whole house, cook or order meals, wash and dry the clothes, tidy up the rooms and just spend quality time together. The idea is to make her feel like a queen because she is the queen of the home after all.

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