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Thread: 7 Ideas To Surprise Your Mom On Motherís Day & Make Her Feel Special

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    3. Surprise her by doing a special stage performance which is solely dedicated to her.

    Write down a beautiful song on your own for her, or perform a famous movie song which can be dedicated to her. Recently, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic took this amazing initiative of taking in ideas from people on how to surprise their mothers, and they finalized on executing this idea. The participants got to perform with Bollywood musical trio Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy. You can try something like this too, actually even at home!

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    4. Work on a home-decor project that she has been dreaming of for a long time.

    Most of the times, it is mom who does the project planning at home. But on Mother's Day give her a break and take on the role of the decision maker at home. It could be a vegetable garden, a mini-library or even an attic revamp, give your home a makeover and surprise your mom. This activity is going to be time-consuming but seeing the look of happiness on your mother’s face is going to be totally worth it.

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