No matter who we are, where we live, what colour we are, what language we speak, what religion we follow and who we love, we ALL have our own fair share of insecurities.

Insecurities, by their very definition, are a state of uncertainty or anxiety about oneís self. They can be about anything ranging from oneís body image and looks, to some sort of emotional baggage harbored due to past experiences - depending on the type of people we are, we all harbor different types of insecurities.

But despite the inaccurate assumptions most people hold about having insecurities, I just want to let you all know one important life lesson I was fortunate enough to recently learn - our insecurities are NOT a sign of weakness.

On the contrary, they actually help us become a stronger person. Allow me to explain this more elaborately.

Before we talk about how our insecurities can help us become a stronger person, itís important to talk about what we NEED to do in order to reach that stage in our lives.

Itís actually pretty simple Ė we just need to learn how to love ourselves, our flaws and all of our insecurities. Most often than not, our insecurities are born out of things about ourselves that we tend to hate.

And so itís our self-loathing that fuels these insecurities and gives them the power to cause us great damage. But the moment we start loving ourselves and start accepting our flaws, not as imperfections, but as our perfect imperfections, we stop letting our insecurities define us.

And the moment we stop letting them define us, we take away their power to be used against us (either by ourselves, or by others) to hurt us.

Now when you start loving yourself and stop letting your insecurities define you, those same insecurities actually end up making you a stronger person.

How so? Well, not only does embracing your insecurities, inviting them in and learning from them make you a braver and bolder person than ever before, it also gives you the power to take your biggest fear and become bigger that that fear ever could be.

After all, once you start wearing your flaws as a badge of honour, no one can use them to hurt you (no even you). This also makes you a kinder and more loving person, as only when you start loving yourself, can you actually love others.

So from now on-wards, instead of looking at your insecurities as a weakness, start looking at them as your strengths Ė trust me, youíll be happier for it.