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Thread: 7 Surefire Steps To Make Sure That You Get Over Your Stupid Crush

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    7 Surefire Steps To Make Sure That You Get Over Your Stupid Crush

    If you think that having a crush is just part and parcel of our teenage phases, then you better think again as even grown-ups experience such crushes ALL the time.

    And while during the initial stages of this ill-fated phase you might feel like youíre floating on cloud nine, soon enough the reality sets in and starts haunting and tormenting you IF your crush is not on the same page as yours.

    When you have a crush on someone, youíre all giddy with hope about sharing a future with them but all that comes crashing down when you realize that things just wonít work out.

    Getting over your crush may be a long process, but you can easily get through it if youíre really determined to put your crush behind you, instead of hopelessly waiting for them.

    So on that note, here are seven efficient steps to forget your crush and move on to something or someone better:

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    1. Accept your feelings.

    Sometimes, talking to your best friend is all the therapy you need.

    So don’t bottle your feelings up and assume that they’ll just go away. Instead, talk about them like it’s a funny and trivial affair with your BFF. Doing so will also ensure that you don’t treat it as anything more than just a crush.

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