Dear ex,

How are you today? Hope youíre keeping well.

It was nothing less than a fairytale Ė the way we met, the way those initial sparks flew like no oneís business, how as soon as we had set eyes on each other, we instantly knew that there was something incredibly special in the making here.

In fact, it wasnít just our first meeting that made me feel like I was re-enacting Cinderellaís story; even the first few months of our courtship and subsequent relationship were nothing short of magical.

Your charm and the spells you cast with your sweet words were too strong for my defences, and so they came crashing down on me. I couldnít help but stop myself from falling, madly, deeply and unquestionably in love with you.

Had I known then what I know now, Iíd never have let myself fall for you but then again, isnít hindsight 20-20?

The decision to date you in introspection is a medley of mixed opinions; it was one of the best and worst times of my life.

Best because during the initial stages, I was genuinely the happiest Iíve ever been in my life. And worst because the way things ended between us, how everything had turned so toxic, and the pain and hurt that youíve caused me have left the type of scars that wonít get healed anytime soon.

Perhaps that is what happens when you love someone with all your heart and they end up shattering it into a million pieces?

When you invest all of your time and efforts into someone whom you love madly and so deeply, and they end up hurting you in a way youíd never thought was possible, maybe the scars that are left behind are supposed to be incurable?

After all, only the ones you love the most have the power to you hurt you the most. And hurt you did. I donít think itíd be productive to go over the details of how and why things ended between us, but letís just say infidelity was something that was always going to be a deal breaker for me.

In closing, I actually want to thank you.

Yup, you read that right - I really, genuinely want to thank you. For two reasons actually. Firstly Ė for making me a stronger person. After having survived our breakup and all the scars you left, I know Iím strong enough to survive anything.

And secondly, Iím now a more aware and more informed person, because of you. And so rest assured, wonít be repeating the same mistake again anytime soon.

With love,

Your scarred ex.