ďMake it a rule of life, never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you canít build on it and its only good for wallowing inĒ Ė Katherine Mansfield

Hi there,

Hope youíre doing well today?

Iím sure that, in all likelihood, youíre probably surprised to see me writing this letter to you. After all, after the way things ended between us, and just how toxic everything had gotten, youíd most probably believe that Iíd want nothing to do with you anymore.

Well that was partly true, at least initially. But as time went by, and as I started gaining more perspective, Iíve come to an understanding that, despite everything that happened, I still donít regret dating you.

Now there are many reasons why Iíve come to this realization, so itís only fair that I talked about them all with you. To begin with, Iíve decided to look at the glass as being half-full, instead of looking at it as being half-empty.

Simply put, I choose to remember the positive memories we shared with each other, the good times we had, rather than think about the bad times and the negative memories that had become oh-so common during the later stages of our relationship.

For instance, I still canít help but smile whenever I think about that surprise party you threw for my 25th birthday, or how weíd go out on our signature movie date-nights every Saturday. Focusing on those, as well as many more positive memories that we created, has made it a lot easier to not be regretful about dating you.

Secondly, Iíve realized that being regretful about anything youíve done in your life is simply not advisable Ė itís not productive, it doesnít help you feel better about yourself and itís an absolute waste of time, effort and energy.

Honestly, itís a pretty toxic mind space to be in, one where youíre constantly wallowing in self-pity and/or negativity. And so another reason why I no longer regret dating you has to do with me just wanting to be in a better mental and emotional space.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Iíve decided that itís not healthy to carry around the baggage of a failed or broken relationship and that itís best for me to forgive you for everything you had subjected me to during the later stages of our relationship.

Not because you deserve to be forgiven, but because I deserve to let go and actually feel happy again.

With love,
Your unrepentant ex.