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Thread: 7 Signs That Clearly Let You Know That Itís Time You Walked Away

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    7 Signs That Clearly Let You Know That Itís Time You Walked Away

    Letís face it, nothing can be more draining than being stuck in a relationship that not only no longer serves you, but, and it gets worse, is circling in a never ending loop!

    At some point in our lives, weíve all been reluctant to leave our significant others and endured all the pain we get from being with them because hope is the only thing that keeps us going. Hope that that one day, magically our relationship might just work out.

    But while itís great to be optimistic, itís more important to know exactly when itís time you walked away from a toxic relationship.

    So, if you are suffering and wondering whether to call it off or not, these seven deal breakers are surely going to help you decide:

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    1. They don’t value you.

    You are crossing oceans and burning bridges to make your relationship work and they can’t even text you back.

    You go out of your way to help your partner when they need you and cancelling plans with you is their way of returning the gesture. One doesn’t need to be Einstein to figure out that it’s probably time to move on.

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