Dear Future Lover,

Will you be my lover? Will you shower me with words of endearment like “honey bun” & “sugar pie”? Will you hold me when I am down? Well, if you agree to do all of this, I am all in. But before we start dating, there is a bit of disclaimer. I am a wreck when it comes to planning dates. You are least likely to have me at your doorstep at midnight with a cake and balloons on your birthday. I am surely not the one to send you a string of *goodnight kisses* every night before bed. But one thing that I can guarantee you is to love you irrevocably till the end of time. I will be right beside you in happiness and in sorrow.

There are certain things that you need to be aware of before we get into a relationship. I can be a bundle of insecure nerves and as such need my place to be validated time and again. So, don’t be surprised, if I ask you if you love me in the mid of our conversation or ask you why were you online last night when you told me that you had a friend’s party to attend. I will do these crazy things because someone somewhere in the past broke my heart and left me with a list of unanswered questions. But I promise you to take care of you when you are sick, to love you when you feel unloved and most importantly, to be your best friend. I promise to never let you down and be the best version of myself.

I yearn for someone who isn’t afraid to show me off in front of his friends, someone whose actions are louder than his words and someone who is proud to have me beside him. If you are in for all of this, I am all set to be with you.

In the indefinite future, if we happen to break up for some reason, I will let you go gracefully than be the crazy stalker. For I believe, it’s best to let someone go while you still remember the best of each other. Dragging relationships till the point they leave a bitter taste isn’t preferred. I will continue to cherish the amazing times we spent together as you gave me a time that will always hold a special place in my heart. You had a piece of my heart and will always do.