ďTime heals everything.Ē

Thatís what they say, right? That no matter what happens to you or how bad it makes you feel, eventually, time will fix everything. Itís understandable why people say that. After all, itís only human nature to be hopeful and optimistic about the future.

But there is one tiny problem with saying something like that Ė it gives people a false sense of security. Thatís bad news. While thereís no denying that there are many things that do get fixed with the passage of time, some wounds arenít healed that easily. And instead of keeping false expectations, itís better to just accept the fact that sometimes, maybe time wonít heal some wounds.

Now hereís the good news, thatís okay. Yes, you read that right! Itís absolutely okay (perhaps even healthy) for some wounds to not be healed by time. Allow me to explain this a bit further.

All of us, regardless of who we are or where we come from, are not mechanical robots. We are, for lack of a better word, human.

And as we are human, we tend to get hurt/upset/wounded by certain things that people do or say. As such, when there is a wound that even time isnít able to heal, that becomes a re-affirmation of just how human we are.

Additionally, it ends up being a learning lesson as well since an unhealed wound will constantly remind us of how we were wronged or hurt by someone. After all, as the saying goes, Ďfool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on meí.

Being cautious, weary and protective of ourselves can never be a bad thing and those whose wounds donít get any respite from the passage of time tend to be a lot more alert and vigilant of repeating the same mistakes again.

Finally, unhealed wounds are nothing less than being scars of battle.

They are signs that you survived, even if you might not be completely done with the hurting. They are signs that you are strong, even if every once in a while, you might end up crying yourself to sleep. And finally, they are signs that youíre human, and not just a human being.

Simply put, unhealed wounds are to worn as badges of honor and not signs of weakness. The moment you start doing that, you wonít need time to help fix your wounds.