Hello Lifeline,

Hope you are doing amazing.

I wanted to tell you that you will always be the one closer to my heart even if I date the most loving and adorable guy in the world. You are the one who will always have my heart.

For starters, I know I could turn up in curlers or the biggest pimple ever and you壇 still accept me. Around you, I can be who I am without the need to impress you.

I can tell you about the weirdest of things I have done and you will still not judge me because you were a part of it or otherwise tell me "How I wish I was there with you."

You have seen me evolve from a gawky teenager with no self-esteem to now when I think I can conquer the world with my grace and charm.

How can I choose a guy over someone who has seen me in all the phases of life- 選 want to be an artist phase, 選 think I am in love phase, 選 need to get my shit together phase?

You are the one who has been with me through all the ups and downs in life and who has seen me in the darkest of times and still thinks that my light shines.

Be it lamenting over broken relationships, catching up the latest buzz in our girl gang, getting all worked up about career or solving parent-problems, you have been there through it all.

From sharing our first crush during school to cashing our first pay cheque, we have been together in all of life痴 big and small celebrations.

Someone once has rightly said that your girlfriends are your soul mates while guys are just the ones you have fun with.

How can I choose you over someone I have known only for a couple of months or a year? You are the family I have made outside the one I was born into. And people don稚 have a choice when it comes to their family. They love them anyway.

Likewise, I don稚 have a choice when it comes to you. We are together no matter what and I will always love you. I want to remind you that no matter which part of the world you are in, I am just a phone call away.

You will always have me beside you in happiness and in sorrow.