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Thread: 8 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Guy Loves You

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    8 Not-So-Obvious Signs That Your Guy Loves You

    ďDating him is easyĒ said no girl ever. The guy youíre dating is quaint and quiet. He isnít much of a talker, ask him to talk about his feelings and you get an expression so alien you doubt heís human.

    Decoding his behavior is a complex mission that requires you to do a lot of over-thinking and down cups of caffeine. So your guy isnít the type to profess his love by screaming from rooftops, He isnít even the type to say that to you so often, leaving you perplexed about where you are headed.

    Blame it on biology but most men arenít blessed with the power to vocally convey whatís in their big heart of mush but that doesnít mean they donít love you.

    Here are 8 not so obvious signs that your guy adores you but does so quietly.

    *Incognito mode ON*

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    1. He makes genuine efforts to hang out and have fun with your friends.

    Given that you know how tough your lot can be, he deserves brownie points for this one.

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