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Thread: Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

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    Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

    Causes Of Dark Circles – We all hate dark circles a lot, right? I mean, make-up helps to hide it, but then again, what about those who don’t even like to apply make-up? It becomes so damn frustrating, right? Just think about it. Every morning you wake up at 8 a.m. and then you see your face in the mirror, you see dark circles under your eyes and then it gets worse.

    I don’t know about everyone, but yeah, there are some people who totally feel miserable when they’ve dark-circles. You can try a lot of remedies to prevent it though, but have you ever wondered about what really causes them to occur under your eyes? I mean, there will something that you doing to welcome them, right? Today, let’s find out about it.

    Causes of dark circles –


    Yeah, I know that many of you are stunned, but this is a fact. Bad make-up can ruin your face entirely. What happens is, when you apply make-up and feel an irritation, and then mostly you start rubbing your eyes, you welcome darkness. So doing that thing mainly leaves darkness under your eyes and then the dark circles occur.

    So make sure to apply good make-up and light too.

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    Consuming too much Alcohol

    Yes, consuming alcohol actually causes under eye dark circles. So make sure that you don’t consume too much alcohol. You have to sacrifice a bit to stay dark-circle free. So, it’s entirely up-to you now. Do the right thing.

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