Iíve been learning Kathak since teenage, and ever since, the dance studio has been my weekend home. Through the dance lessons, performances, dramatic make-up, flowy costumes, and injuries in these years, there are many lessons that I got to learn. Lessons that not only taught me about leading a good life in general, but also how I could be a successful person at work. Read on as I share a few important lessons with you.

Team Work

Kathak involves performing to live music and also sometimes in a group. For a performance to be successful, each one of us has to put in equal amount of efforts. I believe this works in professional life, too, putting the team first instead of oneself.


Being a classical dancer requires immense dedication. I had to, and still have to, religiously attend practice sessions if I want to perfect in my art. There is no way that I can excel in a particular task unless I put in the required amount of dedication.


Discipline is one of the most important lessons I learnt. It comes with sticking to the class timings, dress code, and dancing in sync with my fellow classmates. As schoolish as it may sound, it taught me to follow office rules and regulations, meeting deadlines, and a lot more.


I have learnt that no matter where and what I work on, I need to love what I do. Having passion for the job keeps one motivated and helps you get through the difficult times and road blocks.
Keep Calm and Smile Through It All

There will be many challenges and failures coming your way, you have to be patient and deal with them with a smile. You will never see a dance artist sighing or grinning while performing, unless, of course, itís a part of the act.


Struggles and difficulties are a part and parcel of any activity. Learning Kathak for over five years has made me more persistent. Whenever the going gets tough, my mind reminds me of all the times I couldnít get the steps and how I practised my way to achieve good results.

Be a Good Listener

When performing with live musicians, one has to, by default, be a good listener. One beat missed and your act can go for a toss. Lending a ear and being present in the office space and meetings is crucial, especially in this digital age where there are n number of things to distract us. It will be vital in learning new skills and values at work.

Lend a Hand

Not only should we ask for help, but should also be readily available when others need a hand. I learnt during all the group performances that without each otherís support, nothing could happen. By lending a hand, I not only mean helping those around but also motivating and mentoring them when needed.