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Thread: 8 Reasons Why Relationships Aren't Working These Days

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    8 Reasons Why Relationships Aren't Working These Days

    In the age of one-night stands, instant Tinder hook-ups, Snapchat dates and declarations of love through Instagram posts, itís probably not that surprising to see relationships begin as instantly as they end.

    Sure there are exceptions Ė those rare couples we see around us whoíve been together forever - but they tend to be few and far between. In most cases, relationships just arenít working anymore.

    But why has this become the new norm?

    Well, these eight reasons might help shed some light as to why relationships just arenít working these days:

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    1. There is miscommunication.

    One of the most essential factors, if not THE most essential factor, for the success of any relationship is effective communication.

    If you are able to let your partner know about your feelings, why you’re feeling that way, what your insecurities are and what your likes/dislikes are, you’ll reduce the likelihood of potential conflicts, arguments and fights.

    But since these days, most relationships lack effective communication, they tend to fail.

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