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Thread: 7 Crazy IPL Moments That Prove It's Most Entertaining Time Of Year

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    7 Crazy IPL Moments That Prove It's Most Entertaining Time Of Year

    To paraphrase Vidya Balan from The Dirty Picture, cricket today is “entertainment, entertainment and entertainment” and it triumphs not just sportsmanship but the game itself.

    In India, people watch IPL the way they used to watch family soap operas in the 80’s and 90’s – together in the dining room with everyone’s eyes glued to the TV screen.

    Be it the glamour attached to it or just the fact that players from foreign nations are playing together in one team. Watching the IPL has become the much-loved past time of every Indian household.

    And if you’re wondering why people enjoy watching IPL so much? We’ve already answered it for you- entertainment.

    IPL has provided us with a gamut on entertaining moments over the past nine years, so let’s recall crazy instances from all the previous seasons that’ll prove why it’s India’s favourite sporting event.

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    1. When Pollard decided to tape his mouth shut.

    As it is, West Indian players incredibly entertaining to watch (remember the Champion song that went viral?) And when we have so many of them playing in the IPL, they’re guaranteed to create episodes of sheer amusement.

    One such moment was courtesy of Kieron Pollard who was so miffed with the umpire when he asked him to be quiet, that he literally taped his mouth shut!

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