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Thread: 7 Crazy IPL Moments That Prove It's Most Entertaining Time Of Year

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    6. Dhoni VS Peterson.

    This particular conversation that happened just recently in the current season of IPL saw Kevin Peterson, who was giving commentary from the commentary box, asking Manoj Tiwary (who playing on the field) via a microphone to let Dhoni (also playing on the field) to know that “Kevin Peterson is a better golfer.”

    Dhoni, being his witty self, smoothly responded by saying “He is still my first test wicket.”

    Well Kevin, there’s a reason why you don’t mess with Captain Cool.

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    7. The after-matches.

    Not many people know this but at times, after a match gets over, the owners of both the teams play a friendly match against each other.

    If nothing else, this certainly gives us lots of moments to laugh off, as we watch the owners of both the teams struggling to even throw a ball or swing a bat.

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