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Thread: 7 Crazy IPL Moments That Prove It's Most Entertaining Time Of Year

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    4. The comedy of errors and opportunities for an easy run-out.

    This was too good to be true. CSK missed a run out three freakin’ times! It’s literally a comedy of errors except when you are MSD who was just baffled watching the whole situation unfold, terribly, I might add.

    For the rest of us, this was hands-down one of the most hilarious AF moments in IPL.

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    5. The antics of Chris Gayle.

    Be it the sheer entertainment he unleashes with his bat when on strike, or his funny pranks on the ground, Chris Gayle is undoubtedly the most entertaining player in the IPL.

    Every time that man is on the field, people get a gigantic (both figuratively and literally!) reason to smile.

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