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Thread: 7 Crazy IPL Moments That Prove It's Most Entertaining Time Of Year

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    2. When CSK started grooving on ground.

    We couldn’t be sadder about not watching Chennai Super Kings play in the IPL any more- they were the most entertaining team both on and off the ground.

    That moment when they literally clinched victory from the jaws of defeat and they started dancing crazily on the ground, how could we not miss them!

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    3. When the players played fetch with the dog.

    Animals running on to the field is a common occurrence in any sporting event. It's the animal's sheer IDGAF attitude that's so cool to watch.

    Do you remember that one time when a dog entered the field during a match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians? And despite their best efforts, the dogs had no intentions of leaving the field any time soon and was literally the star!

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