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Thread: Clauses B-Town Celebs Have In Their Contracts

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    Clauses B-Town Celebs Have In Their Contracts

    Conditions Apply!! These B-town celebs have their own demands when it comes to signing a particular movie. We all know that our Bollywood celebs mention their needs while signing a particular movie. They have their demands that they want their directors/producers to fulfil.

    It is obvious that we donít really know about all the celebrities and their clauses in contract, but yeah, thanks to internet we know some about B-town celebs.

    So, here are the clauses B-town celebs have in their contracts Ė

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    1. Salman Khan

    No kissing please!! Salman Khan makes sure his demand is taken seriously. He doesn’t like to lip-lock with his co-stars (No matter how they gorgeous & sexy they are) Kissing on-screen is something that doesn’t interest Salman Khan.

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