We all talk about comfort food - foods that can lift your spirit instantly with their simple flavors. For those with a sweet tooth, the same love extends to comfort desserts. There are some desserts which do not require any frills and fancy plating. They are best when they are enjoyed in their simple and true form because it is the flavor that strikes a chord more than anything else. One such dessert is the custard. You can spruce it up in numerous ways - adding fruits, meringue, nuts, cream, sugar mesh, salted caramel, chocolate ganache - but even a spoon of simple home-made custard with the distinctive note of vanilla can bowl you over.

While the markets are loaded with instant custard packs in all sorts of flavors, they are nothing close to the original, home-made variant. Yes, making custard at home is not particularly a two-minute job, but like they say, you need to put in a little effort to relish true flavors at its best. Or you could just turn to microwave custard recipes to make it a sweet deal. There are many ways you can dish out custard at the comfort of your home.

The main ingredients that go into the making of custard include eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla. Yes, that's all! Beyond these, you can add other ingredients to suit your fancy. Summer is definitely the best time to make custard and surprise the little ones at home. To get you started, here are our 10 best custard recipes -