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Thread: 6 Trendy Shoes That You Need To Have This Season

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    6 Trendy Shoes That You Need To Have This Season

    When it comes to fashion, we all have our own eccentricities. Some have a thing for fancy clothes while some cannot do without their collection of accessories. However, if there is one thing which every fashion lover commonly shares, it is the innate love for shoes! Footwear is an essential part of the sartorial world and everyone who understands fashion will certainly have a unique shoe personality.

    Here's a look at 6 amazing pairs that will add a whole lot of fun to your shoe game and make your life a lot more stylish.

    1. Clarks Dinah Keer Plum Stiletto Heeled Pumps

    You can buy this pretty pair of heeled pumps at flat 60% from Tata CLiQ! Now that we have all your attention, here’s how to wear it. These stiletto heeled pumps will go well with any outfit. You can either wear them with a knee-length burgundy skirt or white pants or go match them with your LBD. Just let your imagination run wild because you can never go wrong with plum pumps.

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    2. Red Tape Bordo Leather Loafers

    Dark brown leather loafers are versatile enough to go with anything. Based on your personal style, you can wear this type of shoe with either a casual T-shirt and shorts or with formal pants and shirts. Just remember to pick the perfect style and colour according to your outfit and you are good to go.

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