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Thread: 7 Stages OF Going On A Road Trip With Your Friends

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    4. Annoying each other to no end.

    What’s the fun in a road trip if you don’t even annoy your friend who is driving, or click pictures of that one friend who is peeing on the road, or just irritate someone who is fast asleep?

    After all, a road trip is about the memories that you make with your friends, ones that are to be remembered for life.

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    5. Stopping at roadside dhabas for food.

    While you may have packed your fair share of snacks to munch on during your trip, nothing will beat the sheer joy of eating some delicious food at a roadside dhaba.

    When you’re on the highway and you see a small roadside dhaba, complete with a traditional setting, nothing should stop you from parking your car and enjoying a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner there.

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