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Thread: This Man Built His Own iPhone From Scratch

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    This Man Built His Own iPhone From Scratch

    You might aspire to buy the next iPhone but will you ever try to create an exact iPhone for yourself assembling it? A geek, running his YouTube channel called Strange Parts has actually built himself a brand new iPhone 6S from scratch during his stay in China.

    What might seem impossible for mobile repair shops in India, building an iPhone from scratch appeared like a piece of cake for shop keepers in China, who barely can complete a sentence in English.

    “When someone mentioned they wondered if you could build a working smartphone from parts in the markets, I jumped at the chance to really dive in and understand how everything works. Well, I sat on it for nine months, and then I dove in,” he says.

    For someone who has visited Shenzhen in China, the sight of mobile factories based out of small shops in electronics malls is common. There are dedicated electronics malls spread across Shenzhen which sells almost each and every component of all devices, unlike the ones in India which only sell finished branded products. However, collecting all the parts together to build an iPhone still sounds difficult because there is a lot to assemble along with the added language barrier.

    The video showcased by Strange Parts doesn’t reveal the total costs, not even the bill of materials. However, it reveals that if you are in Shenzhen, it is possible to build a new iPhone if you ready to invest around two months and sufficient cash.

    Starting right from the finding the metal frame and case for the iPhone 6s to assembling the backlit display, logic board, battery and camera components, this video by Strange Parts shares the journey.

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    WATCH VIDEO: How This Man Built His Own iPhone From Scratch

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