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Thread: 5 Bollwood Stars Who Died In Poverty

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    5 Bollwood Stars Who Died In Poverty

    Bollywood actors who died in poverty – Our Bollywood actors are popular not only for their on-screen performances but also for their personal life interests.

    The life of Bollywood actors which fascinates each one of you also has a bitter side to it that most of us are not aware about. There are many real life stories of our Bollywood celebs that depict that how you they became a hero from zero but at the same time, there is also some acidic stories of stars, the one who achieved the hike of their career but died in poverty.

    On that note, here are 5 such Bollywood actors who died in poverty.

    Bollywood actors who died in poverty

    1 – Meena Kumari

    Meena kumara, the legend actress of Bollywood was also known as ‘The Tragedy Queen’. She is an amazing actress, marvelous singer, and a great poet. There was the time when she was the queen of Bollywood but her real life made her a tragedy queen. At one part of time, her name was enough to buy the hearts but she died in a very pity condition. There was no one with her when she was fighting against death, She didn’t even have money to pay her hospital bills and then she passed away.

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    2 – Bharat Bhushan

    Bharat Bhushan, the veteran actor of Bollywood. He is best to remember, not for his acting only but even for scriptwriting and producing also.With the new era of colored films, Bharat had to face a downfall in his career. He tried to survive by playing older roles but he failed.Towards the end of his life, he faced financial crisis, he sold his cars and even his prized libraries of rare books. But nothing could save him from poverty.

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