To the man who stole my heart,

It was a breezy Sunday brunch, at a friendís farmhouse when I first saw you and let me tell you, that you did hold my attention in that tuxedo with those blue RayBan accentuating your chiseled features.

With a friend introducing us to each other, we started talking. It was then that I realized that we had a LOT in common from our favorite movie star, favorite holiday destinations to our favorite cuisine, the list went on.

We found each other laughing on similar things and it didnít feel like I had met you for the first time.

The fact that you had so much respect for women, which not was not only prevalent in your words but in actions too, made me like you.

Men opening doors for women or bringing food for them when they are cold is not something that happens often. A man who knows how to treat a woman well knows a lot and you surely are one of them.

You were confident yet grounded, someone who was secure about himself and who didnít try hard to get attention. Someone, who knew what he brought to the table and who was completely comfortable in his own skin.

You were certainly the life of the party, impressing everyone with your wit and charm.

The fact that we connected so well was the starter of our conversation and it surely doesnít often happen with me that I end up getting along so well with someone I barely met two hours ago.

One thing that I must compliment you on is your amazing sense of humor- you made me laugh the whole time we spent together and it is said that a man who can make a woman laugh has won half the battle.

You were someone who was interested in knowing me as a person, exploring my likes and dislikes unlike most of the men who are only interested in getting in a womanís pants.

The best part of the meeting had to be our alone time, when you oh-so-courteously offered to drop me home when my car broke down and I think men making sure that women reach home safe are the best kind of men.

I donít know what destiny has in store for us, whether we are meant to be in each otherís lives or not but you will always be someone I will fondly remember.


The girl who fell in love