Girl texts her Boyfriend.....

Girl: Sweetheart...? Am down and need some money to fix my Hair.

Boy : No problem sweety.(he sends her some cash).
[The Girl went missing for a couple of weeks, no calls, no texts and when he tried to call her.... "user busy, not available, can not be reached and few weeks later she texts him again......

Girl: Baby....? missed you but not okay, am down and I need some money for my outfits.

Boy : Okay sweety am there for you. (He again sent her some money).
[The Girl went missing again, this time for full month].

A month later she came back again, this time she made a phone call.....

Girl: Honey I Really missed, how are you, I just called to let you know it's my birthday and I need some money for the shopping.

Boy : Hey whatsapp, you only appear when you need money from me, Do you really love me or you are just taking advantage of Love.

Girl: Baby I love you so much how can you talk that way, don't you trust me ?

Boy : I do but how can you keep me waiting this long?? Are you serious with this relationship?.

Girl: Am really serious just be patient and trust me, I still love you just send me some money.

Boy : Okay but don't keep me waiting this long. [He again sent her some money for the shopping]

How can you describe this Guy?