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Thread: 7 Reasons Why Guys Like To Date Girls Who Are Hard To Get

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    7 Reasons Why Guys Like To Date Girls Who Are Hard To Get

    When it comes to dating, everyone has a unique picture of their perfect date would be like, in their minds. And no matter how much our older generations try and paint a different picture of love and marriage for us, we all know that in reality.

    We actually look for multiple personality traits in our prospective dates which will make them desirable to us. And one such trait that guys will always look for in a girl happens to be, believe it or not, her stubbornness.

    If they find it difficult to woo a girl and if a girl ignores all of their hints repeatedly, they make it their life’s mission to date her (albeit never crossing that fine line of stalking and harassment, of course!). And sometimes, their charm and perseverance is exactly what wins the girl’s heart.

    But why exactly do they want to date these girls in the first place, especially after they’ve made it clear that they’ll be playing hard to get? Well, these seven reasons may explain why:

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    1. To show off.

    Usually, things start off pretty simply - when a guy’s friends start questioning him and his odds of dating a particular girl because she, in their minds, will never go out with someone like him.

    After that, it becomes impossible for the guy in question to resist the challenge thrown at him and so he tries every trick in the book to end up making the girl want to date him.

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