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Thread: 7 Reasons Why Guys Like To Date Girls Who Are Hard To Get

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    2. They like being caught off-guard.

    Call it arrogance or ego, but some guys just aren’t used to seeing a girl blow them off.

    And so when something like this actually happens to them, they’re caught off-guard by that girl. As it’s a refreshing experience for these guys, they get even more interested in that one girl who ends up playing hard to get.

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    3. They can sense some compatibility.

    Compatibility is a major factor when it comes to dating someone and that’s what most guys are looking for as well. So, when they see a girl not necessarily running after them or paying any heed to their advancements, they can’t help but feel that she’s just like them.

    And so, even before they get to properly know her, they already start experienced a sense of compatibility.

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