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Thread: These Young Billionaires That Will Make You Feel So Poor And Helpless

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    These Young Billionaires That Will Make You Feel So Poor And Helpless

    Are we living poor and peasant life is a question that will cross your mind after reading the below success story of Young Billionaires !

    Wealthy fathers do not always have Spoilt brats for children who use dollar bills as tissue papers to wipe their sparkly shoes. It goes without saying that all children inherits there fatherís wealth but some Young Billionaires are self-made.

    No, they are not men. Actually they are kids as most of these super ritzy people have not yet crossed the 40 years age line. Feel like a failure already? Wait till you know their names and age. Well, there future is successfully settled!

    Young Billionaires Ė

    Gustav Magnat Witzoe

    This child is rich by inheritance. Witzoe senior is the owner of Salmar ASA, which is the largest producer of Salmon in the world! Oh wait! Gustav is just 23 years old, by the way.

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    Mark Zuckerberg

    Who doesn’t know him, right? We are so damn addicted to FB that can’t pass a day without Facebook, can we? Ever wondered what he is worth? $58.9 billion. Do not try to count the zeros people. You will lose track. I wonder whether his daughter will ever have to work. Zuckerberg is 35.

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