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Thread: 12 Odd And Mostly Bizarre Life Advise

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    12 Odd And Mostly Bizarre Life Advise

    People consider turning 30 quite a big deal, and I've been told that the lessons you learn in your 20s are going to be guidelines for how not to mess up your life in the later decades. Well, let me tell you a thing or two about life on the right side of the big three O! I am 31, and the last decade of my life, although a whole lot of fun, was spent getting a lot of bizarre life advice. Seriously, a whole bunch of 20-year-olds, some 30-plus adults and most grandparent-y stage people got together and guided me towards the most messed up live rules ever. The point is you don't really learn to live life perfectly. You need to make those mistakes, and promise to learn a lesson and then go make those mistakes again. Don't beat yourself up for not having a life survival kit ready by the time you are putting 30 candles on your birthday cake - which by the way you should only do if you have two cakes. Just to prove a point, here are 12 bizarre, odd, and slightly disturbing life hacks that I have gotten over the years, none of which even remotely came close to making life fun!

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    1. Just start having green tea every night to lose weight. That's it!

    Number of people who gave this advice: Too many to count

    Have green tea, it's nice (although if you prefer green tea to regular milk chai I don't know what kind of person you are). However, just having green tea isn't going to make the kilos shift. Not happening! Unless you are willing to hit the gym, not eat the cake, make lifestyle changes, and actually focus towards losing the kilos.

    2. Have a baby if you are having relationship problems

    Number of people who gave this advice: All the aunties that I know and quite a few uncles too

    A baby is a huge responsibility, and not a magic wand that you wave around to get rid of your troubles. If you are having relationship issues a better thing to do would be to sit around a table and talk about it, not hit the sack and pop a human being.

    3. Lose weight to find a good catch

    Number of people who gave this advice: I stopped counting about 10 years ago

    What, really?! Maybe should offer Gold Gym membership at 20 percent discount to make this work. Obviously, if the person you are planning to "catch" (read get married to and have babies with) cannot see how amazing you are because you have a few extra kilos, you probably shouldn't be getting married to them in the first place.

    4. Life is so much more than a career

    Number of people who gave this advice: The same people who earlier mocked you for not wanting a career

    Maybe there is, maybe there isn't. You really can't have a one rule fits all formula when it comes to having a career. Some people are happy spending half their lives at work, while other love being around family. Point is, don't listen to people and make your own choices.

    5. Marriage is always goal number one

    Number of people who gave this advice: Everyone, especially friends who were unhappily married

    It's great to have marriage on the list, even great if it's number one, but only if you want it to be there. If you don't, just roll your eyes and walk away.

    6. You have to make it work

    Number of people who gave this advice: Everyone who tried to make it work but failed

    From relationships to your career, you do need to put in efforts. But if things are not working out, also have the courage to walk away. It's seriously okay to do so.

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