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Thread: Common Mistakes That We All Are Making In A Relationship

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    Common Mistakes That We All Are Making In A Relationship

    We all want a perfect relationship, just like the ones we see in all those candyfloss movies. But in reality, those type of relationships usually just don’t exist, and instead, we all have our shares of ups and downs vis-à-vis our boyfriends or our girlfriends.

    While all of us want to be with someone special who’ll perfectly fit into our lives like a missing puzzle piece, how many of us are actually able to maintain our relationship once we get that special someone?

    Knowingly or unknowingly, many of us are making some common mistakes in our relationships that, if left unchecked, can severely harm our relationships. So on that note, here are seven common relationship mistakes that we all ought to avoid making:

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    1. Not giving your partner any space.

    We need to understand that, just like us, our partners are also individuals who have their own mood swings, choices and preferences. Forcing them into things they don’t want to do or stopping them from doing what they wish, won’t earn you their loyalty. Instead, it’ll start earning you their ire and disdain.

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