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Thread: Common Mistakes That We All Are Making In A Relationship

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    6. Not being understanding enough.

    While we all want to spend some quality time with our bae, we certainly don’t want our day to end in a fight. Bailing out on plans, every now and then, could be an issue to argue on, but aren’t we gracious enough to understand if he/she is really stuck in an important meeting that just couldn’t be missed?

    C’mon all you beautiful people, I know you are much more understanding than this and, after all, who likes to sleep on a fight?

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    7. Taking them for granted.

    Even though it can be unintentional at times, some of us tend to take our partners for granted. Not respecting their feelings and their time will only push them further away from us, and before we even realise it, we may end up losing them.

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