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Thread: Common Mistakes That We All Are Making In A Relationship

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    4. Constantly whining.

    No one wants to be around a crybaby. Be it cribbing about your arrogant colleague at work, ranting about the humid weather or arguing over a past fight – it’s time you stopped whining to them ALL THE TIME! People want to be around happy people who infuse positivity and spread happy vibes, not those who kill their mojo.

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    5. Not being there for them when they need you the most.

    Once in a blue moon, if you weren’t able to give them your time when they needed it the most, that’s probably still somewhat excusable (though definitely not appreciated). But if you make it a habit of not prioritising them when they need you the most, and constantly ignore them when you really ought to be investing some time in them, then that’s an absolute deal-breaker.

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