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Thread: Common Mistakes That We All Are Making In A Relationship

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    2. Depending on your partner way too much.

    So now you’ve got this one person in your life who will have to play the roles of a best friend when you want to go shopping, a mother when you need some pampering, a confidant when you need to confess your deepest and darkest secrets and, of course, a boyfriend/girlfriend as well?

    Doesn’t that sound like expecting way too much from just one person? Too much dependence on any one person will only end up driving them away. As such, it’s important that you made sure you didn’t depend on your partner for EVERYTHING.

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    3. Trying to change them.

    When you constantly point out things that are wrong in the other person and that, according to you, need modifications, you’ll only be successful in pushing them away. Instead, you should make it a point of appreciating them for who they are, for that is what makes them unique.

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