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Thread: 7 Tips You Should Follow This Summer to Stay Healthy

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    7 Tips You Should Follow This Summer to Stay Healthy

    Summer is here and the temperature seems to be rising rapidly everyday, sending off warning bells to everyone to start taking precautions for heatwaves and summer related woes. India Meteorological Department, along with the National Disaster Management Authority, has advised state governments of 50-odd districts susceptible to heatwave to take safety measures. While we can't control the temperature outside, we can make sure that we are doing all that we possibly can to stay safe and healthy. The harsh climate can drain you off your energy, making you prone to infections, vomiting, nausea, prickly heat and low blood pressure.

    With predictions of temperatures rising above normal, starting April, it is important that we all start taking care of ourselves to ensure that our health doesn't suffer. So here are some essential tips to beat the heat this season -

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    1. Hydrate and Hydrate

    Consider this as the number one rule. Staying hydrated is very crucial during summer as it ensures that your body keeps functioning normally. As the heat goes up, it results in excessive sweating, which also reduces energy levels and electrolytes from your body. Sip on flavoured water by adding in mineral rich fruits like watermelon, lemon, kiwi, etc., or make slushies and lemonades at home.

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