Mistakes To Avoid After Break-Up : Ė

Ugh, sometimes, break-ups are the worst thing to deal with.

Honestly, break-up sucks A LOT.

If youíre someone who canít handle or survive that ďbreak-up worldĒ, then this article is for you. Sometimes, when your partner breaks up with you, you certainly donít understand about how to react in such situations. But still, with a little courage, you try to do something, and it all goes wrong.

Frankly, you need to put yourself together by avoiding certain mistakes. So, take it easy on yourself, and breathe. Let it all GOOOOÖ

I know, youíre already in the worst zone, and thatís why to avoid getting into more trouble, here are mistakes to avoid after break-up.

1. Feel GUILTY

Why so much guilt? Let it go. Understand, that maybe things were meant to end in that way. So, donít drown yourself into the worst feeling i.e. guilt. You donít need to be in that situation, so stop it.

2. Bombarding his phone with calls and texts

Itís OFFICIALLY Over. If thatís the case, then you must keep things to yourself. Donít text him or call him continuously, because itíll annoy him. Plus, later if he blocks you on social media accounts, then donít cry it out babe.

3. Getting into a relationship

Naah, Naah, itís okay to date someone, but donít do it to make him jealous etc. (You know what I mean, right?) Getting into a relationship just to drink your current feelings is the worst thing ever. So, donít do it.

4. Dragging personal things in public

Actually, there are many people who think that insulting their BF/GF will be the best option, but honestly, it isnít. So donít drag things in public, and stay away from all the bad vibes and chaos.

5. Harming yourself

Never ever do this. Donít keep thinking about the things he said while breaking up with you e.g. (Youíre not my type or youíre still growing up & shit like that) The truth is, he donít deserve you at-all. And trust me; he left you because youíre too good for him. So, the problem is that guy, and not you.

6. Crossing lines to make things work again

Thereís always a sign that indicate whether you should work on things or not. Sometimes, end means end. So, donít cross your lines to show your love. If you do that, then it becomes madness and not genuine love.