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Thread: 5 Super Adorable Things That Do NOT Mean Love

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    5 Super Adorable Things That Do NOT Mean Love

    Every one of us has a different way of expressing our love. While for a few it might be the smaller gestures, other go over the top to show that they care. Honestly, it's the thought that matters and as long as you get the message, the way it's done doesn't really count. However, what if we are reading way more into something simply because we love these people and want them to love us back. There are many things that can feel cute and adorable in the beginning, but can actually be a sign of mistrust and insecurity. Are those bouts of jealousy, refusal to make you meet their friends, and lack of commitment really love? Here are five things that people often do, that we misinterpret for love and care.

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    "I don't want to spend a single moment without you"

    It's cute that someone you love so deeply loves you right back, and wants to spend all their free time with you. But you also need to realise that not giving you your personal space could also be a sign of lack of trust. Are they overly jealous of your friends, and do they not trust you without them being around. Since trust is pretty much the foundation of building a long-lasting relationship, this might be the start to a big problem.

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